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Master Degree Program

LNNU offers more than 90 graduate majors in 21 colleges available for international students. All the majors take the form of joint classess for Chinese and international students. International students can choose the appropriate major to study according to their personal situation.
1. Application for the Program
Application Deadline: 20th August
Enrollment Qualifications:
※ Healthy and obedient to Chinese laws
※ Non-Chinese citizen
※ Bachelor’s degree or equivalence
※ New HSK level 5 with score 195 or above. Be able to listen, speak, read and write in Chinese skillfully.
Application Materials:
※  The first page of passport 
※  Blank page of passport
※  Page with visa or residence permit( provided by students who have been to China)
※  Page with China entry and exit seal(provided by students who have been to China)
※  University diploma and transcript 
※  Chinese translation of university diploma and transcript
※  HSK certificate and transcript 
※  Two recommendation letters by professors or associate professors
Please submit the photocopies of the above materials when you apply, and provide the original copy when register
Application Process:
※ Students should complete online application at website: www.studyatlnnu.com, upload the application materials, we will review and reply within 5 working days.
2. Graduate Majors
Majors of College of International Education:


Admission time

Educational system

Professional Courses

Chinese International Education


2 years

Teaching Chinese as a second language, Chinese teaching cases, Chinese culture and communication, cross-cultural communication, Teaching Chinese language elements

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology


3 years

Chinese Linguistics, Teaching Chinese as a second language, Introduction to second language acquisition, Case analysis and practice of teaching, cross-cultural communication

Other Graduate Majors:



College of government management

Political science theory

Chinese and foreign political systems

History of the Communist Party of China

International Politics

International political library information and archives management

College of Marxism

Basic principles of Marxism

Research on the Sinicization of Marxism

Research on the basic problems of modern Chinese history

College of Law

Legal theory

Constitutional law and administrative law

Civil and Commercial Law

Procedural law


College of Education

Educational Theory

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Educational History
Comparative Education Studies

Educational History

Comparative Education Studies

PreCollege Education

Higher Level Education

Special Education

Educational Management

College of Psychology

Introduction Psychology

Development and Educational Psychology

Applied Psychology

Master of Applied Psychology

Psychological Health Education

College of Chinese Language and Literature

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology


Linguistics and Application of Linguistics

Chinese Philology

Chinese Classical Philology

Chinese Classical Literature

Modern and Contemporary Chinese


Comparative Literature and World


News and communication

Subject Teaching (Chinese)

College of Historical Culture and Tourism Management

Chinese History

World History


Heritage and Museum

Tourism Management

College of Fine Art

Fine Art

Art design

Fine Art

College of Music

Music and Dance


College of Foreign Language

English Language and Literature

English Translation

English Interpretation

Japanese Language and Literature

Japanese Translation

Japanese Interpretation

Russian Language and Literature

Russian Translation

Russian Interpretation

College of Physical Education

Sports humanities sociology

Sports Human Science

Physical education and training

National Traditional Sports

Physical education

Sports training

Social sports guidance

College of Mathematics

Fundamental Mathematics

Computational Mathematics


Applied Mathematics


College of Physics and Electronic Technology

Theoretical Physics

Example Physics and Nuclear Physics

Condensed Matter Physics


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Inorganic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

College of Geographical Sciences

physical geography

human geography

Cartography and Geographical Information System


Research Center for sustainable development of marine economy

Regional Economics

Industrial Economics

Human Geography (Marine Economic Geography)

College of Life Science



College of Computer and Information Technology

Instructional Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Modern educational technology


College of Film & TV Art

Drama and film and Television Studies

Radio and Television

College of  International Business 

English translation

3. Colorful Student Activities 
Besides offering academic language courses, CIE also provides free Chinese culture courses. such as calligraphy, paper cutting, weaving, Chinese painting, erhu, Taijiquan, tennis, Chinese speech, Chinese cuisine and Chinese folk customs, etc.
CIE also provides varied and colorful culture exchange activities, such as sightseeing, Chinese corner, speech contest, hiking meeting, interesting sports meeting, Chinese Song Concert, new year's party, etc.
4. Ralated Fees 
Tuition Fee: 25000RMB/YEAR
Registration Fee: 400RMB
Insurance Fee: 200RMB/YEAR
5. Accomodation


Room Equipment

Common Facilities

Dorm Fee
(RMB per day)

Dormitory Building No.2

desk lamp/bed sheets

public kitchen/


Dormitory Building No.5

desk lamp/bed sheets

public kitchen/
microwave /elevator


Dormitory Building No.6

desk lamp/bed sheets

public kitchen/


※ Dorm deposit is 50RMB which will be returned upon check-out. 
※ Please send email to: cie925@163.com to reserve the dorm. (The email should include your name, application number and the program you applied). If the reservation email is not send before the start of the program, it will be considered as giving up on-campus accommodation, students should arrange off-campus accommodation in advance. In this case students need to register at a local police station within 24 hours of arrival. Students also have to submit the residence registration form at the university during registration, and sign an off-campus accommodation commitment.
6. Contact Information & Mailing Address
Add:  Office of College of International Education, 850 Huanghe Road, Shahekou District, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian, Liaoning Province, 116029, P.R. China
Tel: 0411-82158562(enrollment, payment)   82159067(HSK)
Fax: 86-411-84200935   
E-mail: cie925@163.com     
Website: Http:// gjy.lnnu.edu.cn