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About LNNU

Located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in northern China, Liaoning Normal University (LNNU) is one of the key institutions of higher learning in Liaoning Province. As the biggest leading teacher training institution in the province, it is recognized as bases of elementary and secondary teachers training, higher education teachers training, continuous education, educational science research and consultation and local economic and social development center.
The university has two campuses (Huanghe Road Campus and Western Hill Campus) in 21 schools and School of Graduate Studies. The university currently has 6 centers for post-doctoral studies, 9 primary disciplines entitled for conferring doctorate, 56 secondary disciplines entitled for conferring doctorate, 1 discipline entitled for conferring Professional doctorate. 25 primary disciplines entitled for conferring master degree, 102 secondary disciplines entitle for conferring mater degree, 11 specialties for master degree, 4 first-class characteristic discipline on provincial level(primary discipline), of which 3 first-level disciplines were selected as "first-class construction disciplines" in Liaoning Province, 8 key discipline on provincial level(secondary disciplines) .
The university now offers 60 undergraduate programs, 6 of which are special on the national level, 9 on the provincial level, 17 of which are provincial undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot major, 8 of which are provincial engineering education mode reform pilot major and 4 of which is province key support major. There is 3 excellent courses on the national level, 34 on the provincial level, 4 excellent courses for graduate students. There are 10 planned textbooks on the national level, 7 on the provincial level, 1 innovation zone of talent training on the provincial level, 7 most needed talent training bases. 5 achievement awards of basic education curriculum reform on the national level and 5 on the provincial level, 1 education practices construction projects on the national level, and 16 on the provincial level.